Our Story

Who We Are?

Women&Women was founded by joining the forces of 3 women who dream of creating an eternal brand for women who make it their principle to look different with unique designs.

Women&Women, one of the leading women clothing brands with Beachwear, Kimono and Designer Dresses, was created by being inspired by women's productivity and constantly creating more.

A woman is never "just a state of being”.

Women&Women is a symbol of creation, growth and fertility.

Our women are always confident about where, when, or what to wear.

Brand established as a social women's cycle that aims to create added value for women in the geography they live in.

The Lady of Women&Women

Our goal at Women&Women is to gather women around the unique, achievable luxury and timeless designs. Our women do not worry about where, when or what to wear.

As Women&Women, we want you to feel like you are every time you wear the brand; feel different and unique.

Man&Man for our Man

Of course, we didn't forget our man. Man&Man collections are produced from waste fabrics of women's collections. We love mother nature and we don't throw away any fabric and pollute water sources.

Established as a completely sustainable and up-cycling and zero waste brand, Man&Man was designed for men who want to look cool, impressive and different with Men Kimonos and Men Kimono Shirts.