What is a Crop Top? How to Combine This Year's Fashion Crop Top?

What is a Crop Top? How to Combine This Year's Fashion Crop Top?

Crop tops, which have been popular for several seasons, continue to maintain their popularity this season. Crop models, which are also included in the Women&Women 2022 Spring-Summer Resort "Flow Collection", show that they will be one of the most preferred products of this summer in women's clothing.. So, what is this piece, the "crop top", which is worn lovingly in all seasons, regardless of summer or winter?


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What is Crop/Crop Top? Is crop top a piece of bustier?

Crop top, which is derived from the verb "crop" which means to cut and shorten, refers to women's top clothing products such as short t-shirts and blouses that expose the tummy. In crop top clothes, which are translated as "crop top" in Turkish, the sizes vary from navel to chest level. Crop tops, which are short tops that expose the waist, belly, or tummy, have long been one indispensable parts of women's clothing fashion with their comfortable and stylish styles. Crop tops, which have been trending for a long time and are still trending in the fashion world, continue to be one of the indispensable parts of women's wardrobes in 2023. Crop tops, which are especially worn with high-waist trousers, pencil skirts, and shorts, have become an indispensable part of women's fashion combinations.

How about going to a dinner where you can watch the sunset in a place with a sea view in Bodrum with Meria Linen Crop Top Bustier - Lobelia White Long Summer Linen Slit Skirt combination, made of linen fabric, one of the trending fabrics of the last period, which is a part of Women&Women 2023 Spring-Summer Resort "Flow Collection", which focuses on the calmness, serenity, and excitement in the flow of emotions, time and space..


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What are Crop sorts/models?

The crop top, which is described as "open-bellied", is not just a t-shirt or blouse. Especially recently, crop models have come to the fore in different product types such as cropped sweatshirts, cropped sweaters, cropped shirts, cropped bustiers, and even cropped jackets, as well as t-shirts. Crop-cut out models takes their place among women's clothing products as one of the indispensable parts of women's clothing throughout the season, regardless of the season. Women's crop top bustiers, consisting of unique designs designed by Women&Women for women who adopt the principle of looking different, are a candidate to be one of the star pieces in your wardrobe this summer.

You can reflect your elegance with Women&Women's design crop tops. With the combination of Women&Women's Paradise Short Bustier & Manoa Slit Skirted White Suit combination, you can capture simple and flamboyant elegance at a party on a summer evening.


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How to wear crop models according to body type?

Crop tops, which are generally preferred by thin people, can be worn according to everybody's type according to the combinations made. If it is on your body the way you don't want it, you can get a better look by covering the imperfections with a stylish/sports jacket that you can wear over the crop top. Crop tops can be worn with normal, low, or high-waist trousers, depending on preference. Crop tops worn with normal or low-waist trousers make the upper body appear longer than the lower body, making the legs appear shorter. For this reason, crop models are generally preferred to be worn with a high waist. When crop tops are worn with high-waist trousers, it provides a better look by making the height appear longer. For this reason, we recommend that you combine crop models with high-waist trousers if you are of medium or short stature.


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Depending on your preference, you can combine linen crop top models, which you can wear both daily and stylishly, with long, shabby, slit trousers or skirts. Marine Crop Top White Linen Double-Breasted Shirt, Cut-out Detailed Top Bustier and Hermosa Skirt, Slit Long Button Satin Skirt combination, which is one of the prominent crop models from Women&Women's 2023 Spring-Summer collection, with an elegant slipper that you can wear under your combination and a portfolio bag, you can go to lunch in Cesme.


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How to make a combination with Crop Top?

So, how to wear a crop top, one of the indispensable parts of the 2023 season? Which pieces are combined in the most stylish and trendy way? Here is the answer…

Crop tops, which have both stylish and comfortable models and can be worn day and night, can be adapted to any environment. Crop tops, which are usually worn with shorts and skirts in summer, can be worn in all seasons by combining them with jeans or blazer jackets, or cardigans in winter. A crop top that you create a comfortable combination by wearing with a sweatshirt during the day can be worn in the evening by making it stylish with a blazer jacket.

Crop tops can be combined in different ways according to product models. Crop tops, consisting of crop sweatshirts, crop sweaters, crop shirts, crop bustiers, crop jackets, crop t-shirts, or crop blouses, can be combined with many items such as skirts, jeans, trousers, and shorts, both sporty and stylish, depending on the place and time. Especially in the last period when comfortable wear is in trend, crop tops are usually combined with tracksuits. You can get a classic combination by wearing crop t-shirts with pencil skirts, whereas you can get a sporty combination with mini skirts.

You can complete your crop tops, which are usually combined with high-waisted trousers, tights, skirts, and shorts, and can match with all kinds of products, with slippers, sandals, short boots, heels, or sports shoes, depending on the place you are going to. Crop tops can also be worn under overalls, over dresses, or inside jackets and cardigans, as we've seen so often lately.

You can reflect your elegance with the most fashionable design crop top bustier models of this summer in Women&Women's 2023 summer collection. You can complete the Mari Crop Top Short Linen Bustier and Hegra Summer Trousers, Linen Side Slit Shalwar Trousers combination with a stylish heeled shoe and a bag, and continue the night by going to a luxury restaurant in Bodrum, and then go to a stylish entertainment venue.


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With Thule Cover-up Skirt & Top Set from Women&Women's collection, you can attend a birthday party on the boat on a summer day with a small stylish bag, comfortable slippers, and cool sunglasses.


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What are the popular crop top outfits?

Are you wondering what crop tops are most often combined with? Here are the most preferred crop top combination suggestions of the season, which you can catch the latest trend, we have prepared for you…

The crop jacket, crop t-shirt, and palazzo trousers combination is one of the popular combinations that we can call both stylish and comfortable, which has come to the forefront of fashion influencers on social media recently.

You can get a comfortable and stylish look by combining it with cargo pants, crop blouses, cropped t-shirts, and cropped sweatshirts, which are among the trends of the latest season.

Another popular combination of the last period, you can get one of the trendy looks of the last period by wearing a denim jacket over a cropped bustier and leggings under it, or a bralette with a crop blazer jacket and a jean underneath.

Crop top team combinations are also one of the highlights of this season. You can reflect your style by purchasing crop top bustier sets from the Women&Women collection. With the Manoa Skirt & Paradise Short Bustier Set, you can draw attention to yourself with a simple and noble combination in black with an elegant bag and sandals.


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One of the most popular pieces of the Women&Women 2023 summer collection, Paradise Crop Top Bustier, and Slit Long-Skirted Brode Set will make you stand out and draw attention to yourself.


In addition, you can get a sporty style by wearing cycling tights, one of the popular pieces of the last period, and colorful shirts under the crop bustier, depending on your preference, while you can get a stylish style by wearing a cropped bustier inside a blazer jacket and a mini skirt under it, and you can catch one of the popular styles of the last period.

You can catch one of the trendy looks of the last period by wearing a crop t-shirt inside oversized hooded cardigans and cycling tights underneath.

Another trend piece of the last period, in which crop tops are combined, is tracksuit sets. You can get both a sporty and stylish look and enjoy the comfort with crop tops that you will wear inside colorful tracksuits.

Written and Edited by Beste Kurtoglu